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I have been a SCUBAnaut since 2014, and this is part of my Masternaut project.


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My Mission

The mission of my project is to have a fish identification guide available to the public in order to educate people on Florida Keys fishes' habitats, size, and identification, and to allow them to learn through studying and practicing fish identification on this website.

My whole project is fulfilling the "conservation track" Masternaut project requirements. So, what is conservation? I view conservation as a necessary means for keeping nature healthy, thriving, and beautiful. Nature has its own ways of building itself up to be strong, however, if we continue on the paved path we have created, then eventually,...

What's What?


My project has a lot of different parts to it, and each part has many different components. The main part of my project is the fish identification field guide, which was developed using divers in the Florida Keys. Each participating naut did thirteen dives totaling about 230 dives altogether. On these dives, some divers collected data on size,...

Welcome to my Fish ID website. First, I figured I would give you a bit of background information on why I have created this website. I am part of SCUBAnauts International, a youth science and diving non-profit. I have been a naut since 2014. SCUBAnauts is an amazing program for teenagers aged 12-18 who are interested in marine science. Within...

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